Behind The Decks: An Interview With Non Sequitur & Battery EP

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Non Sequitur, one of the premier female DJ/producers in the Bay Area released her Battery EP on the 14th. Ms. Sequitur’s unique blend of driving electro fused with breaks and progressive house has earned her a spot in the ranks as one of the Bay’s top up and coming female DJs and producers. Non Sequitur took a moment to sit down with FPTW to answer some questions we had for the rising star. Here are the two tracks off of her EP, with the interview following.

FPTW: Can you give a little insight into the Non Sequitur moniker?

Non Sequitur: “Non Sequitur” is my favorite comic strip and my Myspace display name at the time that I started DJing. I also really like the term. It refers to a random phrase that had nothing to do with anything that preceded it. I like turtles.

 FPTW: What is your musical background prior to DJing?

Non Seq: I used to play guitar and keyboard in bands in high school. The bands never really went anywhere though. I also played flute for a while. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a concert violinist, and I played violin when I was in second and third grade until my teacher kicked me out of the class because I was supposedly wasn’t good enough. I’m still kinda mad about it, but I guess I still found my way back to music.

 FPTW: When did you start DJing and what does your personal setup consist of?

Non Seq: I started DJing in 2008, and my first setup consisted of 2 CDJ-800MK1s and a Denon x120 (or something like that) mixer. I still have the mixer, but I had to replace my CDJs after my ceiling leaked on them while I was at Ultra this year. It was probably for the best. Now I have 1000s. They’re pretty fancy. All the buttons work!

 FPTW: When did you start producing/ remixing and what’s that setup like? What is your DAW and VSTs of choice? Favorite piece of hardware, etc.

Non Seq: I first started producing, like actually producing in 2010, when I got Logic Express for my birthday. Before than, I was just using Garageband, which, well…is kinda lame. I still just have a little M-Audio midi keyboard, the most basic 49-key they have. I need to upgrade. I’m really a fan of Massive, and while I use Logic and have come to know and love its idiosyncrasies, I would love to dabble in Ableton a bit more.

 FPTW: Describe the time you felt like you had your first big break.

Non Seq: My first big break? Hmm…it was pretty cool being played on the radio last month. I don’t think I’ve had my first BIG big break yet. When it happens, I’ll report back. Promise.

 FPTW: Well, I know you’ve opened for some pretty big names in the past, what is it like sharing the stage with some of those legends?

Non Seq: It was pretty cool seeing Moby roll up with his “entourage” at Lovevolution. Unfortunately, they were not wearing suits and sunglasses, as my entourage will be required to wear, but it was cool nonetheless. In all seriousness though, the part I really enjoy is getting to chat with these huge artists after the show, and geek out over music, or cats, or something else awesome. I’m definitely lucky to be able to do that.

 FPTW: What is your favorite track right now? 

Non Seq: Favorite track? Right at this moment, I think it would be “The Slide” by Arty. He’s very unique. I like his snares. And his chords are so pretty. I’ve also been digging some mash-ups by Dannic, one of which being “The Edge is Alright.” It’s a mash-up of Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa vs. Red Carpet. I’m not usually a fan of mash-ups, but his are very well excecuted.

FPTW: What about your favorite artist, or the one who inspires your music most?

Non Seq: My favorite EDM artist ever ever would probably be Miles Dyson, and he would also be a top influence. Another is Dada Life, and my favorite non-EDM artist is Nine Inch Nails.

 FPTW: Favorite set of all time. Go.

Non Seq: I think my favorite set ever would have to be at a party called Girl Power in 2010. It was my first gig with a legitimate time slot (when there are more than just the sound guys and the janitor there to listen). I was really really really nervous, but I did pretty well, and ended up meeting a lot of awesome people that I’m still close to at that party. It was also the first time that my picture was on the flyer!

 FPTW: What is your favorite venue to play?

Non Seq: I don’t mean this to be a “self-promotional” statement or anything, but I honestly really love playing the main stage at EPR. You can play pretty much whatever, and those kids will go nuts. I’ve had some of my most adventurous sets there, and they still rage regardless. They’re just always down to party, even if it’s just a Wednesday.

 FPTW: I always find it interesting when people are able to balance two opposing worlds and succeed in both. Would you consider yourself a full time DJ or do you have one of those “real jobs” people keep going on about?

Non Seq: I do have a “real job,” but I just quit 2 days ago. Literally. I would like to pursue music full time, and I feel that with a full-time job sucking 40 hours per week out of me, my music is really suffering (not to mention my social life and overall well-being). So here’s to taking a risk…

 FPTW: You have 3 hours of free time to dedicate towards something not revolving around music, what do you do?

Non Seq: Hang out with my friends. I haven’t done that in a while, haha.

 FPTW: What can we expect from Non Sequitur in the near future?

Non Seq: I’m really looking forward to having so much more time to work on music once I finish up my last couple of weeks of work. I feel like despite the fact that I’ve had very little time to make music, I’ve still managed to grow, so I’m really excited to see what I can do once I have the time I need. Yay!

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